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I. B. Program

School Events
•  2nd Quarter begins
•  Varsity Volleyball vs Baker/Davidson (Baker)
Time: 5:00 PM
•  Varsity Volleyball vs Guld Shores/Faith (Home) Senior Night
Time: 4:30 PM
•  MHS vs McGill-Toolen (at Lipscomb Stadium)
Time: 7:00 PM
•  Varsity Volleyball-Area Tournament

Organizations Events
•  Murphy vs. McGill-Toolen  (Murphy Band)
Time: 7:00 PM

Library Events
9/30/2015 to 10/22/2015
•  STAR Testing 136-A (selected students)
10/13/2015 to 10/15/2015
•  RCL-Matthews-1 (?)
10/13/2015 to 10/14/2015
•  RCL-J. Lee-2,3,&4 (36)
•  RCL-Delchamps-2 & 3 (27)
•  RCL-Delchamps-4 (28)
•  RCL-Bethea (Tweddell) - 2,4,5th (30)
17 May 2016 at 5:30 PM

Murphy vs Foley

MHS vs Theodore, 18 September

Young ladies will continue to the final interviews

Murphy versus Mary G. Montgomery

Sept.3-9 Issue

Murphy versus Baker, 28 August

A message from Mrs. Crandle and Mr. Hartman

"The month of October Murphy High School will be doing 9th grade scoliosis screening. If a parent/guardian does not want...

Senior Portraits for Yearbook  are in the MATH Building Make-up Day is Saturday, September 19th. Pictures will be in the...

Reading Assignments for All Levels

Food Deliveries


SCHOOL YEAR 2014-2015

Please help us rebuild!!

New program through the Mobile District Attorney

Youth Journalism International chose Murphy teacher, Barbara Bateman as the 2015 Journalism Educator of the Year. Nominated by...
Next year`s yearbook and broadcast editors pose with Mrs. Bateman and her award. Pictured Left to right: Abby Aguilera, Regan Francis, Tynecia Curry. Front: Mrs. Bateman

Murphy High School’s yearbook, The Mohian, has been recognized for excellence and featured in the 2015 Jostens Look Book,...
Mohian Staff Display Award Banner

12 Ambassadors participated

State Awards
Dr. Smith and Regan Francis

Partnership with the University of Alabama