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Welcome to Murphy High School Library

Reference Library
Reference Library


The Murphy High School Library and Media Center consists of three rooms: the Circulation/Reading Library(135), the Reference/Collaboration Library(133), and the Computer Lab(132C). Regular hours of operation are 6:45 am to 3:15 pm. To find materials in the reference and circulation libraries, use any  available student computer to search the Destiny catalog.  Ask Mrs. Kearley or Mrs. Busch for assistance if you can't find what you need.  You can also access the library's catalog from any school computer using the icon labeled "Destiny-Murphy." Both librarians can provide guidance in the computer lab.

To access the library's electronic catalog, click the link below:


Books are circulated two weeks at a time with a limit of 2 books for pleasure reading and 5 books for research purposes (Reference materials may have overnight circulation as deemed appropriate). Materials can be renewed twice.  Fines of 10¢ a day will accumulate until overdue books are returned. 

Students must have passes to the libraries and computer lab during regular school hours, unless they are visiting during their lunch times.   

Students can print school-related work in the computer lab for 10¢ a page (black and white only).

Check out the helpful links provided on the Links page for help with your information and reference needs.


 Extended Essay information can be found on the Forms page.


The Alabama Virtual Library is now accessible without a card!  See the Links page for more information.


To schedule a class visit to either the reference or circulation libraries, check the calendar with Mrs. Kearley or Mrs. Busch.  The Murphy Circulation Library is equipped with 22 laptops for student use. The Reference Library also contains a Collaboration Lab with laptops and large monitors for sharing online work. (We recommend beginning research in the print collection and then moving on-line.) 

The booking notices on the on-line calendar are for the reference,133, and circulation,135, libraries; and for the computer labs, 132A and 132C. The library also has multiple laptops available for classroom use. Please email us or visit the library to make a reservation.  (There is also a laptop cart (Cart 1)upstairs in the main building that can be checked out through Mrs. Caffey in Room 230.)

Library and lab reservations can be made any time in advance.  Reserved dates are displayed on the main page at or you can see a larger view on the library's calendar. Please limit your reserved time to two days.  Core classes doing required research or projects, or classes with a required computer element will have precedence over electives in making any reservations.


The Library Media Handbook contains all the library policies set by the MCPSS.  To access this manual, go to the MCPSS website and select Academic Affairs->Curriculum and Instruction->Library Media Services, or look under library Forms. Our MHS Media Handbook is also under FORMS.


Library Advisory Committee

If you have any requests, comments, or concerns regarding library materials or policy, submit them in writing and the LAC will review and address these.  Committee members are Dr. Smith (principal), Susan Johnson (Title 1 and reading teacher), Diana McNaughton (Math intervention teacher), Jennifer Lee (11th grade counselor), Karen Matthews (English Department chair), Sonya Sullivan (History department chair), Dr. Prerost (science teacher), Danielle Booth (Academy Specialist), Daniette McMillian (student), and Angie Gulledge (parent).

Library Budget Committee

Members: Dr. Smith (principal); Mrs. Kearley and Mrs. Busch (librarians); Mrs. Karns, Ms Sullivan, and Ms McKenzie (classroom teachers).


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