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Murphy High School 2016 Graduation will be held at the Mitchell Center on Tuesday, May 17th at 5:30 p.m.  Students arrive at 3:30 p.m.  and doors are open to the public at 5:00 p.m and close at 5:45.


Balfour will be on campus to take orders on December 1st and 2nd during both lunch waves.


Senior Expense List for 2015-2016



**August – At Registration- Seniors Fee           $40.00

                                                  Or Senior Package       $150.00

Senior fees pay for homecoming decorations, class gift, graduation, and miscellaneous expenses.   Seniors may not participate in senior events, or receive tickets to graduation until this fee is paid. Senior fees will increase later in the year. Keep your receipt. These dues are non-refundable. The senior fee is a required separate fee from the ($30) school fee.


Senior package-$150.00

Package may be purchased all at once or with two (2) $75.00 payments and must be paid in full by September 16, 2015. The first payment is due at Registration in August.


The package includes:

        Senior fee


          Senior T-shirt

          Mohian- (yearbook)


The package does NOT include:

        Cap and gown/Graduation announcements

          Senior breakfast




October – Senior Sweat Shirt                                       $40.00

                      Larger sizes will be $5.00 extra.


**October – Cap and Gown/       Prices determined by Balfour


This is paid directly to Balfour (they will come to campus).This price may increases after February.   Money for cap and gown will be refunded if you do not graduate.


October – Yearbook-The Mohian                                $80.00

             Price will increase during the school year.


February – Senior Tee Shirts                                      $20.00


                      Larger sizes will be $5.00 extra.


April – Senior Breakfast                                              To Be Determined

               The breakfast is held in May.


**Required expenditures are marked with asterisks.

Prices are subject to change. Always keep all receipts!