Monday, August 20, 2012
Murphy High's 2013-2014 discipline procedures

Discipline Plan

All minor misbehavior handled by teacher. Teacher-Parent contact

Consequences (posted)

A Offenses

Warning – Teacher/Student Conference

            Warning – Teacher Contacts Parent

            Referral – Becomes a B offense - Office Referral

B Offenses

            1st B Offense – Office Referral for Retract – Retract Manager Contacts Parent

            2nd B Offense – Administrator discretion for suspension, afterschool detention,

                                         Saturday School

            3rd B Offense – Suspension

Severe Clause – (Disorderly Behavior, Fighting, Leaving Campus Without Permission, and C,D,E Offenses) The administration must be notified immediately for any C,D, or E offense. C offenses are criminal offenses. D offenses are drug offenses. E offenses are weapon offenses.

Automatic referral to an administrator upon any severe clause offense.



All students must be in full school uniform each day. Uniform warnings will be given during the first week of school only. For the remainder of the school year, uniform violations will be handled as follows:


            1st Offense – Retract - Retract Manager will contact Parent

            2nd and subsequent offenses – Suspension


Electronic Devices

All earbuds and headphones are prohibited.

Unauthorized use of cellphones and other electronic devices is prohibited.

Use of cellphones and any other electronic devices without permission from faculty or staff will be dealt with as a B offense. (See above)



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