School Directions

Via Interstate 65:  Take the Dauphin Street exit heading east, approx. 2 1/2 miles and 7 lights.  Turn right on Carlen Street.

Via Government Street/downtown:  West to the Cannon in the Loop Area by Memorial Park.  Take right at the Cannon onto Houston Street.  Turn left at the third street--Conti Street.  You will be at the front of MHS.

Via Dauphin Street/downtown: Head east and turn left onto South Carlen Street until you arrive at front gate on your right.

Via Government Street/West Mobile:  East towards downtown Mobile, then north on Houston Street, then West on Clearmont Street, then north on South Carlen Street till you arrive at the front gate on your left. 

Via Airport Blvd.:  East towards downtown and turn north on Williams Street, then East on Clearmont Street, then North on South Carlen till you arrive at the front gate on your left.