English Honor Society

Membership Requirements

  1. Minimum overall GPA 3.0 un-weighted, English GPA 3.5 un-weighted
  2. Minimum completion of two credits of English.
  3. Must be a Junior or Senior.
  4. Minimum residency requirement at Murphy-one full year. This requirement may be waived if petitioning student applies for a residency waiver and faculty council agrees. This will by a case-by-case basis.
  5. Completion of application and all necessary paperwork on time. No late paperwork will be accepted under any circumstances.
  6. Students may not have any Class B, C, or D disciplinary infractions. No more than 2 Class A infractions.
  7.  Three teacher recommendations.
  8.  Essay-new topic to be assigned each year.
  9. Students must participate in a minimum of 3 service activities.

                           Only one may be a sport.

                          One activity may be a community service activity (volunteering.)

                          At least one must be a school service activity.

Juniors: 10 service credits

Seniors: 15 service credits

Since we are a nationally recognized Honor Society and have a charter from the National Organization we are required to meet certain minimum requirements. Any additional requirements that have been made to the National requirements have been approved by the National Organization.