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Usernames & Passwords

What is my student’s Username and Password

The default username will be the first, middle, and last initials of the student followed by the last 6 digits of the student’s state ID. If the user has multiple middle names, it will use the first one only. If the student does not have a middle name it will only use the first and last initials.

The Default Password will be the student’s first letter of first name (capital), first letter of last name (lower), and the full birthday in mmddyyyy format.


Example of user with Middle name(s):

John Jacob Martin Smith, born March 5th, 2013. State ID of 0123456789


Password: Js03052013


Example of User without a middle name.

Timmy Test, Born November 13th, 2010. State ID of 1234567890


Password: Tt11132010


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