Student Government Association


Mrs. Sinead Crandle Brown

Mrs. Kenyarda Drake

Mrs. Audra Gardner

(251) 221-3186 - Murphy phone number that can be used for contact with any of these sponsors

2019-2020 Executive Officers

Executive President- Cecily Mason

Executive Vice President - Kiera Hinton

Executive Secretary- Audrey Seymour

Executive Treasurer- Kristopher Carter


Executive Sponsors:

Ms. S. Crandle Brown, Mrs. K. Drake, and Mrs. A. Gardner

Class Sponsors:

Freshman Class: Contact Executive Sponsors

Sophomore Class: Mrs. Spradley

Junior Class: Mrs. Kim Finch

Senior Class: Mrs. Tracey Enfinger

Interclub Council Sponsor:

Mrs. Audra Gardner


Interclub Council Chair:

Kiera Hinton