Sinead Crandle Brown

English Department

(251) 221-3186

Ext. 31555

Courses Taught:

English 12


Club Sponsor:

Student Government Association (SGA)                                


My name is Sinead Crandle Brown, and I am an English teacher at Murphy High School.  This is my thirteenth year at Murphy, and I absolutely love it! Education is extremely important to me. I believe that success is what you make of it. I tell my students that my motto for them is "I need to achieve, and if I try, I will succeed!" I truly believe this, and I want to see all of my students be successful. 
I teach language arts as well as literature, but my passion is literature.  I love to read and analyze literature, and I love to write. During my time at Murphy, I have taught all grade levels, but I have worked with freshmen and seniors the longest. Currently, I am working with seniors.  In addition, I am one of the co-sponsors for Murphy's fabulous Student Government Association (SGA).  I love working with the SGA in planning school events, conducting fundraisers, participating in service-oriented events, as well as the many other things that we do. I am excited about this year because I know that it is going to be awesome!

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